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As the annual judging draws to a close, the First Horizon Award finalists are announced prior to the Eric Hoffer Award for Books. This small list of finalists is an honored distinction of its own and is announced publicly during the spring of each award year. Below are the current and previous finalists in alphabetical order by book:


* A Song of Praise for Shifu, Susan J. Byrd, The Legacy Press
* Badlands, Thomas Biel, Three Towers Press
* Beat Your A-Fib, Steve S. Ryan, A-Fib, Inc.
* Don't Stop Dreaming, Dr. Russell Tomar, MavenMark Books
* Educating America 101, Paddy Eger, Tendril Press
* Gandy Dancing, Jean Sands, Antrim House
* Gray Girl, Susan I. Spieth, CreateSpace
* I Am Another You, Priya Kumar, Embassy Books
* Journey Proud, Carolyn Fleming, Trafford Publishing
* Map of the Spirit, Michael F. Cantwell MD, MPH, Hillhaven Press
* Off My Rocker, Kenny Weissberg, Sandra Jonas Publishing
* Short Leash, Janice Gary, Michigan State University Press
* Sign of the Throne, Melissa Eskue Ousley, Castle Garden Publications
* Sophia Rising, Monette Chilson, Bright Sky Press
* Soul Exchange, Dennis Paul Williams, University of Louisiana of Lafayette Press
* Steel's Treasure, Nick Auclair, On the Fence Writers
* The Bees Are Waiting, Karina Borowicz, Marick Press
* The Entrepreneur Mind, Kevin D. Johnson, Johnson Media, Inc.
* Tomorrow Comes, Donna Mebane, Starshine Galaxy
* Wil of God, Carrie Wilson Link, CreateSpace

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* 52 Weeks of Parenting Wisdom, Meg Akabas, CreateSpace
* A Roller Coaster Down, Mary Lash and Vasant Garcia, Grist Mill Press/CreateSpace
* Adventures of a Gala Guru, Donna Vessey, Gala Gurus Press
* Congress of Strange People, Stephanie Lenox, Airlie Press
* Continental Divide, Krista Schlyer, Texas A&M University Press
* Ethical Meltdown, David R. Frazer, Hartz Publishing
* From the Block to the Boardroom, Tracey D. Syphax, From the Block 2 the Boardroom
* Greetings from Below, David Philip Mullins, Salt Publishing
* Hanji Unfurled, Aimee S. Lee, The Legacy Press
* It's My Company Too!, Kenneth R. Thompson, Ramon L. Benedetto, Thomas T. Walter, Greenleaf Book Group
* Lead Like a General, Paul A. Gilbert, Marquis Press
* Let's Hear it for Almigal, Wendy Kupfer, Handfinger Press
* Lilith Rises, Terr R. Lacy, BookBaby
* Lucky's Plott, A Plott Hound Tale, Libby Bagby, AuthorHouse
* Man Overboard, Ric Klass, Seven Locks Press
* My Odyssey Through the Underground Press, Michael Kindman, Michigan State University
* Red Fields, Jason Poudrier, Mongrel Empire Press
* Rocks Across the Pond, Richard & Kathy Verlander, Dementi Mileston Publishing
* Shadow Game, Darryl Sollerh, Del Oro Company
* Slum, Dan Carroll, Vanity Press Books
* The American Grain Elevator, Linda Laird, Grain Elevator Press
* The Family ROI Experience, Barbara Fagan-Smith and Lesli Gee, Family ROI
* The First Day Speech, Esabelle Hadala, Wild Onion Press
* Wet, Carolyn Creedon, The Kent State University Pres

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* A Blind Raccoon in the Family, Ann K. Anderson, Black Rose Writing
* A Buffett of Sensory Interventions, Susan L. Culp, MS, OTR/L, AAPC Publishing
* A New Prospect, Wayne Zurl, Black Rose Writing
* A Quest for Good Manners, Karin Lefranc, Beluga Press
* Alabaster Houses, Lara McLaughlin, Wye Knot Book
* Beyond Soul Food, Richard Petty, self
* Beyond Suiseki, Manette Gerstle, Water Stone Press
* Big Picture Thinking, Aileen Zeitz Collucci, AAPC Publishing
* Blind, Belo Miguel Cipriani, Wheat Mark
* Books Will Speak Plain, Julia Miller, The Legacy Press
* Chasing Her Destiny, Terri Friedlander, Black Rose Writing
* Cheery, Elizabeth W. Davidson, Ph.D., Five Star Publications
* Come Back Early Today, Marie Marley, PhD, Joseph Peterson Books
* Codon Zero, Jim Hendee, LuLu
* Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought were Dead, Irene Kendig, Grateful Press
* Flicks & Clicks, Mel Henson, Ecademy Press
* Green Gospel, L.C. Fiore, Livingston Press
* Gunna Dan, Patrick Moloney, Westbow Press
* Highlighting Homeschooling, Bethany Gardiner, M.D., Sticky Tape Press
* How's Your Family Really Doing?, Don MacMannis PhD and Debra Machester MacMannis, MSW, Two Harbors Press
* Kilimanjaro and Beyond, Barry Finlay with Chris Finlay, Dog Ear Publishing
* Logodaedaly, Erzsebet Gilbert, Woverine Farm Publishing
* Moonflower, Gianna Russo, Kitsune Books
* My C&O, Steve Fuchs, St. Alban Media
* Oh, Beautiful, John Paul Godges, Createspace
* Reiser's Ramblings, Fr. Bernard Reiser, Reiser Relief
* Stay Tuned, Lauren Clark, Monterey Press
* Syncritus, Vincent Gordon, Mystic Reverie
* Talk About Good!, Junior League of Lafayette, Wimmer Cookbooks
* The Meghan Method, Meghan Carter, GEM Multimedia
* The Tale of Zen Master Bho Li, Barbara Verkuilen, Firethroat Press
* The Ten Deadly Realms, Venessa Williamson, AuthorHouse
* Two Gold Coins and a Prayer, James H. Keefe III, Appell Publishing
* Two Murders Reaped, Cynthia Sally Haggard, Spun Stories Press
* Wax, Therese Ambrosi Smith, Blue Star Boo

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