The da Vinci Eye Finalists

Montaigne Medal Winner
Eric Hoffer Book Award Gold Seal © The Eric Hoffer Project

As the annual judging draws to a close, the da Vinci Eye finalists are announced prior to the Eric Hoffer Award grand prize. This small list of finalists is an honored distinction of its own and is announced publicly during the spring of each award year. Below are the current and previous finalists in alphabetical order by book.



* Annie's Plaid Shirt, Stacy B. Davids, Upswing Press
* Baby X, Rebecca Ann Smith, Mother's Milk Books
* Baxter House, George Encizo, CreateSpace
* Chance Meetings, Madhu Bazaz Wangu
* Construction Supervision QC + HSE Management in Practice, Mark Urizar, El-Sayed Abdel Halim, Xlibris
* Courageous Gilbert the Groundhog, Regina E. McCarthy, Blue Stone Healing Books
* Devil in the Dark, Chris Lindberg
* Embracing the Wild in Your Dog, Bryan Bailey
* Exuvia Set, Erik Angle, Telegeist Tactices
* Flight Paths, Darryl McGrath, SUNY Press
* From Finland to Niagara Falls, Markku Loytonen, Buffalo Heritage Press
* Heirlooms, Rachel Hall, BkMk Press
* Hidden Hemingway, Robert K. Elder, Aaron Vetch, and Mark Cirino, Kent State University Press
* Hive-Mind, Suzette Bishop, Stockport Flats Press
* Know the Mother, Desireee Cooper, Wayne State University Press
* Making it Right, Marilee Peters, Annick Press
* March Farm, Nancy McMillan, Whistling Hawk Press
* Maysun and the Wingfish, Alison Lock, Mother's Milk Books
* Near Death/Near Life, Dennis Maulsby, Prolific Press
* On Moving Mountains, Jiri Soukup, CreateSpace
* One Way to Ask, Daniel Ari, Norfolk Press
* Orchids of War, Denise Frisino, Book Publishers Network
* Summation VII, Elizabeth Yahn Williams & Robert Lundy (editors), Escondido Arts Partnership
* The Bricks and Sticks of Life, Lillian Corrigan, Four Paw Prints Press
* The Calling, Priya Kumar, Books That Inspire
* The Charles W. Morgan, Andrew W. German & Denile V. McFadden, Mystic Seaport
* The Eldercare Consultant, Becky Feola, AMACOM Books
* The Great Sympathetic, J.D.Schraffenberger, editor, North American Review Press
* The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman, Robin Gregory, Mad Mystical Journey Press
* The Inside Stories, Valerie Sheppard, AuthorHouse
* The Last Cadillac, Nancy Nau Sullivan, Walrus Publishing
* The Parachute Paradox, Steve Sabella, Kerber Verlag
* The White Devil, Domenic Stansberry, Molotov Editions
* To the North, K.H.Leigh
* Toward and Hanging Tree, Ginny Lowe Connors, Antrim House Books
* Trisomy XXI, G.A.Minton, World Castle Publishing
* War Ready, Mary Lou Darst, iUniverse
* What Love Would Say, Connie Munde, Shepherd, Sactuary Publishing
* Whisper in the Wind, Eolane, AuthorHouse

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* A Casualty of Grace, Lisa Brown, Lisa Brown Books
* After the Gazebo, Jen Knox, Rain Mountain Press
* Alfred Visits New York City, Missie Mcpherson & Eilizabeth O'Neill, Trafford
* Almost Anywhere, Krista Shlyer, Skyhorse Publishing
* Artichokes & City Chicken, Jan Groft, River Grove Books
* Bonds of Love & Blood, Marylee MacDonald, Summertime Publications
* Chosen: Brink of Dawn, Jeff Altabef and Erynn Altabef, Evolved Publishing
* Diego's Crossing, Robert Hough, Annick Press
* Fresh Tastes from a Well-Seasoned, Lee Clayton Roper, MLC Publishing
* Galloping to Freedom
, Carol J. Walker, Painted Hills Publishing
* Grief, Marvin G. Petsel
, Embers4Growth Publishing
* Hidden Shadows
, Linda Lucretia Shuler, Twilight Times Books
* Hive
, Christina Stoddard, University of Wisconsin Press
* Hive-Mind
, Suzette Bishop, Stockport Flats Press
* I'll Run Till the Sun Goes Down
, David Sandum, Sandra Jonas Publishing House
* Italy Invades
, Christopher Kelly, with Stuart Laycock, Book Publishers Network
* Jewels of Allah, Nina Ansary, Revela Press
* Journeys, Karen Roberts, Tim Hauf Photography
* Let's Go See Mother Wilkerson's Farm, Earnest Hooks Jr., Trafford
* Living in the House of Blues, Denise L.Baker, Trafford
* Mash Up, Joe Klingler, Cartosi
* My Wonderful Nightmare, Alma Lightbody & Erin Higgins, Trafford
* Mystical Rules for My Magical Daughter, DJ Corchin, The phazelFOZ Co
* Off Track, Jim McGarrah, Blue Heron Book Works
* Project Lives, George Carrano, Chelsea Davis, and Jonathan Fisher, Power House Books
* Radioland, Lesley Wheeler, Barrow Street Press
* Romantic Violence, Christian Picciolini, Goldmill Group
* Rowdy, Christopher Madsen, CPM Publishing
* Sacred Earth, Planet of Light, Ernest L. King, Silver Bear Press
* Saint Peter, Stephen J. Binz, Loyola Press
* shanghai.shanghai.shanghai, Alex Kuo, Redbat Books
* Skin Music, Dennis Hinrichsen, Southern Indiana Review Press
* Super Cowboy Rides Again
, Daris Howard, Publishing Inspiration
* Swimming Upstream
, Constance Richardson, Wheatmark
* The Conciliators
, James J. Kaufman, Downstream Publishing
* The Grace Impact
, Nancy Kay Grace, CrossRiver Media
* The Green Musician
, Mhavash Shahegh, Illustrated by Claire Ewart, Wisdom Tales Press
* The Havana Papers, Michael Daly, BookBaby
* The Stranger Box, Pamela Cuming, CreateSpace
* The Tomb of the Honey Bee, L.B.Hathaway, Whitehaven Man Press
* The Trion Syndrome, Apprentice House, Apprentice House
* The Wynona Stone Poems, Caki Wilkinson, Persea Books
* Timeless Vietnam, Canh Tang, Red Rock Press
* Trial By Fire, Christopher Nuttall, Twilight Times Books
* Water Walkers, Carol A. Trembath, self
* Why Won't My Husband Work?, Tori T., Harr-Lilt Publishing

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* A Blue Bellied Yankee, Robert Miller, Trafford Publishing
* After the Wind, Lou Kasisichke, Good Hart Publishing
* Artist Spaces, Tina Freeman and Morgan Molthrop, University of LA at Lafayette Press
* Athena Parthenos/Promachus, Huck Fairman, Xlibris
* At-Risk, Amina Gautier, University of Georgia Press
* Beautiful Evil Winter, Kelly K. Lavender, self
* Dreaming in Indian, Edited by Lisa Charleyboy and Marybeth Leatherdale, Annick Press
* Escaping the Wheel, Eric Artison
* Everyone Prays, Alexis York Lumbard, Wisdom Tales Press
* Folly Beach Dances, Sheree K. Nielsen & Russell A. Nielsen, Ocean Spirit Photography
* Frisco, Daniel Bacon, Quicksilver Press
* Frozen Latitudes, Therese Halscheid, Press 53
* Guardian of the Gauntlet, Lenita Sheridan, BookBaby
* I Made It Throught the Rain, Danielle, Trafford Publishing
* Judas Hero Misunderstood, Jason E. Royle
* Lafitte's Treasure, Joe Corso, Black Horse Publishing
* Lilane's Balcony, Kelcey Parker, Rose Metal Press
* Logan, Jackie Boor, Cable Publishing
* Mary Lou's Brew, Jennifer Craig, Friesen Press
* Mauhad, M.L.Hollinger, Total Recall Publishing
* Melt, Selene Castroville, Last Syllable Books
* Not My Girl, Christy Jordan-Fenton & MargaretPokiak-Fenton, Annick Press
* Reflections from Shadow, Malcolm Watts, Trafford
* Reflections of the Other, Ethel Morgan Smith, CreateSpace
* Remember the Moon, Abigail Carter, Lemonbird Press
* Restoration Agriculture, Mark Shepard, Acres U.S.A.
* Sailing by Ravens, Holly J. Hughes, University of Alaska Press
* Sailing on Broken Pieces, Gary Rhule, Morgan James Publishing
* Sardinian Silver, A. Colin Wright, iUniverse
* Saving Babe Ruth, Tom Swyers, Hillcrest House Publishing
* Scanning for Tigers, Marg0t Farrington, Free Scholar Press
* Shatter Point, Jeff Altabef, Evolved Publishing
* Streaming, Allison Adelle Hedge Coke, Coffee House Press
* The 15th Chair: Book 1, Matt Galeone, 1st Ride Enterprises
* The Family Cannon, Halina Duraj, Augury Books
* The Moral Line, Vanessa Bogenholm, Author House
* The Official Sea Glass Searcher's Guide, Cindy Bilbao, Countryman Press
* The Serpent's Disciple, Deborah Stevens, CreateSpace
* The Stream, A.R. Silverberry, Tree Tunnel Press
* The Vineyard, Michael Hurley, Ragbagger Press
* The Year of Living Virtuously (Weekends Off), Teresa Jordan, Counterpoint Press
* Tweeting da Vinci, Ann C. Pizzorusso, Da Vinci Press
* Up the Hill, James Calvin Schaap, New Rivers Press
* What You Don't Know, Gary Meyer, Booklocker

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* A Happy Passover Haggadah, Monicka Clio Rafaeli, Blue & White Press
* A Slant of Light, Laurence Carr and Jan Zlotnik Schmidt (editors), Codhill Press
* A Star in the Face of the Sky, David Haynes, New Rivers Press
* Art & Inspiration, Souther, SG Publishing
* Badlands, Thomas Biel, Three Towers Press
* Bagatelles for a Masochist, Chris O'Grady, Xlibris
* Beautiful Evil Winter, Kelly K. Lavendar, First Edition Design
* Body Geographic, Barrie Jean Borich, University of Nebraska Press
* Bring Out the BEST in Your Child and Your Self, Ilene Val-Essen, Ph.D., Quality Parenting
* Corn Exchange, Helen Vitoria, Wild Chestnut Press
* Dark Elderberry Branch: Poems of Marina Tsvetaeva, Llya Kaminsky and Jean Vaslentine (readers), Alice James Books
* Dark Talisman, Steven M. Booth, Azimuth Books
* Distance of Touch, Kristina Freeman, Booklocker
* Eat Smart in Germany, Mary Bergin, Ginko Press
* Eating Expectantly, Bridget Swinney, Healthy Food Zone Media
* Everyone's Universe, Noreen Grice, You Can Do Astronomy
* Faces of Tradition, Nilda Callanaupa, Thrums
* From the Heart, Henry O. Urquhart, Trafford Publishing
* Innocent War, Susan Violante, Outskirts Press
* Me & Nina, Monica A. Hand, Alice James Books
* Megan's Guitar and Other Poems from Acadie, Darrell Bourque, University of Louisiana of Lafayette Press
* Molly Waldo!, Priscilla L. Moulton and Bethe Lee Moulton, The Glide Press
* Nyx, D.M.Livingston, Some Peril Publications
* Odd Men Out, Matt Betts, Dog Star Books
* Paddling to Winter, Julie Buckles, Raven Productions
* Price of Justice, Alan Brenham, Black Opal Books
* ROAN, E.R. Barr, Telemachus Press
* Saving Texas, Nancy Stancill, Black Rose Writing
* Seeking Christmas, Renee Robinson, CrossLink Publishing
* So Long Polyester, Deborah Rise McMenamy, Labello Press
* Someplace Like This, Renee Ashley, The Permanent Press
* The Autobiography of Peter Pan, R.P.Brockman, CreateSpace
* The Biology of Luck, Jacob M. Appel, Elephant Rock
* The Curse of The Golden City, L.D. Nascimento, Trafford Publishing
* The Dream and Its Amplification, Erel Shalit and Nancy Swift Furlotti (editors), Fisher King Press
* The Expedition, Jason Lewis, Billy Fish Books
* The Gondola Maker, Laura Morelli, self
* The Grace of Crows, Tracy Shawn, Cherokee McGhee
* The Hidden Words of the Living Jesus, George Breed, Anamchara Books
* The Map, Boni Lunnsburry, Inner Art
* The Package, Patrick Power, Trafford Publishing
* The Rattling Window, Catherine Staples, Ashland Poetry Press
* The Rose of Sharon, B S Poh, Good News Enterprise
* This is Between Us, Kevin Sampsell, Tin House Books
* Twin River, Michael Fields, iUniverse
* Warming Up, Mary Hurthings Reed, She Writes Press
* Weathered Wisdom, William R. Jackson, Ph.D., Jackson Research Center
* Wheel Fever, Jesse Gant & Nick Hoffman, Wisconsin Historical Society Press
* Wil of God, Carrie Wilson Link, CreateSpace

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* 3 Off the Tee, Lorii Myers, Leda Publishing Corp.
* A Palette of Leaves
, Edythe Haendel Schwartz, Mayapple Press
* A Slither of Air
, Alison Lock, Indigo Dreams Publishing
* A Spirituality of Service
, Jerry Aaker, Pfeifer-Hamilton
* Answering the Call
, Janean Zwiefel Bierstedt, Schulhaus Publishing
* Border Crossings, Charles Novacek, 1021 Press
* But By Chance War, Richard C. Lyons, Lylea Creative Resources
* Code of the Forest, Jon Buchan, Joggling Board Press
* Congress of Strange People, Stephanie Lenox, Airlie Press
* Do You See Him Now?, Elizabeth L. Young, self
* Equity of Evil, Rudy A. Mazzocchi, Paladin Timeless Books
* Essentially Yours, Aaron P. Lazar, Twilight Times Books
* Greening Vermont, Elizabeth Courtney and Eric Zencey, Vermont Natural Resource Council and Thistle Hill Publications
* Internal Conflicts, Flint Whitlock, Cable Publishing
* Lily A Gray Whale's Odyssey, Capt. Dave Anderson, Lucid Dreamer Productions
* Long Division, Alan Michael Parker, Tupelo Press
* Love Letter to the Milky Way, Drew Dellinger, White Cloud Press
* Mail-Order Kid, Marilyn Coffey, "out West" Press
* Marginalia on Casanova, Miklos Szentkuthy, Contra Mundum Press
* Matt Monroe and The Secret Society, Edward Torba, All Points Press
* Measuring the Distance, Robert Scotellaro, Blue Light Press
* Murder on Everest, Charles G. Irion, Irion Books
* No One Else to Kill, Bob Doerr, TotalRecall Publications
* One Last Dance, Mardo Williams, Calliope Press
* Raggedy Man, Clyde Curley, Cedar Forge Press
* Robinson Alone, Kathleen Rooney, Gold Wake Press
* Same Same, Doug Smith, Xlibris
* Severed Threads, Kaylin McFarren, Creative Edge Publishing
* The Burlesque of Graceless Acting, Mark Van Aken Williams, Tyler's Field
* The Girl Who Gave Her Wish Away, Sharon Babineau, Bettie Youngs Book Publishers
* The Humanist Approach to Happiness, Jennifer Hancock, CreateSpace
* The Lhasa Trilogy, Gary D. Conrad, Rainbow Books
* The Light Behind Blue Circles, Robert Louis DeMayo, Wayward Publishing
* The Middle of Nowhere, Paula Duncan McDonaold, Booklocker
* The Secret Life of Objects, Dawn Raffel, Jaded Ibis
* The Turning Point, Balasa Prasad & Preethaun Grandhi, Cedar Fort
* Through Stained Glass, Teri Bays, self
* To Inhabit the Felt World, Susan Gardner, Red Mountain Press
* Tucumcari, Geoff Peterson & Megan Collins, AuthorHouse
* Unbroken Horses, D.B.Jackson, Goldminds Publishing

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* Black Mamba, Jac Simensen, Black Rose Writing
* Bonyo Bonyo, Vanita Oelschalger, Vanta Books
* Breaking the Blue Wall, Justin Hopson, Westbow Press
* Chapter & Verse, Susan Terris et al, Conflux Press
* Detroitland, Richard Bak, Wayne State University Press
* God's House, John D. Trudel, Createspace
* Opening the Gates of the Heart, Carolyn CJ Jones, Gate Lady Publishing
* Primacy, J.E.Fishman, Verbitrage
* Quiver, Nathalie Anderson, Pennstroke Press
* Thank You, God for Robin's Egg Blue, Karlene Kay Ryan, St. Agnes Communicating Center
* The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away, Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, GMEC Publishing
* The Accidental Anarchist, Bryna Kranzier, Crosswalk Press
* The Bonus, Georgia Lowe, Lucky Dime Press
* The Butterfly Dialogues, Steven Carter, Hamilton Books
* The Dragon, the Blade and the Thread, Donald Samson, AWSNA Publications
* The Foursome, Terry Dodd, Selah Publishing Group
* The Last Moon, DeAnn Lubell, Xlibris
* The Local World, Mira Rosenthal, The Kent State University Press
* The Lump, Alan Johns, M.D., Live Oak Book Co.
* The Secret Child, Marti Healy, The Design Group Press
* The Tale of Zen Master Bho Li, Barbara Verkuilen, Firethroat Press
* The Tenth Door, Michele Hébert, Emerald Book Company
* The Wildflower and the Honey Bee, Maria Psanis, AuthorHouse
* Thirsty Planet, Robert Tell, Createspace
* Visible Horizons, Gene McSweeney, Yawn's Publishing
* Water from an Ancient Well, Kenneth McIntosh, Anamchara Books
* Yusuf and the Lotus Flower, Doyali Farah Islam, BuschekBooks

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* All Man!, David M. Earie, The Kent State University Press
* An Illustrated Introduction to Taoism, Jean C. Cooper, World Wisdom
* Appetite for the Divine, Christine Gelineau, Ashland Poetry Press
* Brain Drain, Charles F. Glassman, MD, RTS Publishing
* By Fire, By Water, Mitchell James Kaplan, Other Press
* Captains Contentious, Louis Arthur Norton, The University of Carolina Press
* Cosmic Dancer, Lianne Downey, Cosmic Visionary Music & Books
* Crossing with the Virgin, Kathryn Ferguson, Norma Price, & Red Parks, The University of Arizona Press
* Eden Springs, Laura Kasischke, Wayne State University Press
* Haberdasher's Daughter, Suzanne Levine, Antrim House
* Life in a Jar, Jack Mayer, Long Trail Press
* Lucky Fish, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Tupelo Press
* Moonlight Memoirs, Maggie Mei Lewis, Good Times Press
* My Grandpa's Coaching Third, Janet Mary Sinke, My Grandma and Me Publishers
* One Summer in the Old Town, Randy Cribbs, OCRS
* Power's Garden, Dianne Ebertt Beeaff, Five Star Publications
* Reticence of Ravens, mmgornell, Aberdeen Bay Publishing
* Rough Honey, Melissa Stein, American Poetry Review
* Seeking the God of Ecstasy, Melina Costello, O Books
* Sweet Nothings, Frank Warlick, Publish America
* The God's Glass, Stephen F. Lawless, iUniverse
* The Hesitant Hour, R.P.Weissner, AuthorHouse
* The Raven Affair, Steven Nedelton, Asylett Press
* The Third Choice, Mark Durie, Deror Books
* The Triskaidek, Basil Spring, LuLu
* The University of Gravel Road, Rene Cormier, Renedian Adventures
* Unclean Jobs for Women, Alissa Nutting, Starcherone
* What is Life?, James C. Lin, M.D., CreateSpace
* When the Soul Awakens, Nancy Seifer & Martin Viewers, Gathering Wave Press

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* A Temporary Sort of Peace, Jim McGarrah, Indiana Historical Society
* Baby Owl's Rescue, Jennifer Keats Curtis, Sylvan Dell Publishing
* Beyond UFOs, Jeffrey Bennett, Princeton University Press
* Brain Drain, Charles Glassman, RTS Publishing
* Count Down to Fall, Frank Hawk, Sylvan Dell Publishing
* Encampment, Carl Eeman, Melange Press
* Flyer Beware, Adrianne Aron, iUniverse
* Gift of the Jaguar, John Franklin with Sharon Franklin, Flyfranklin
* Habry, Helen Degen Cohen, The Puddin'head Press
* Kipling's Cat, Anne Cabot Wyman, Protean Press
* Lingering... Soulful Reflections, Brian Wolf & Judith Dancing, Dancing Wolf Publishing
* Orpheus on the Red Line, Theodore Deppe, Tupelo Press
* Precious Memories, Phyllis Myers Miller, AuthorHouse
* Rapture Practice, Sam Howie, Main Street Rag Publishing
* Sam English, Ann Dallman, Sam English Art
* Searching for Soul: A Survivor's Guide, Bobbe Tyler, Swallow Press
* Strays, Jeanne Webster, Dupuis North
* The Art of Hojo Undo, Michael Clarke, YMAA Publication Center
* The Culture of Excess, J.R.Slosar, Ph.D., ABC CLIO/Praeger
* The Eddy Fence, Donna Henderson, Airlie Press
* The Hole in the Sky, Barbara A. Mahler, Sea Turtle Publishing
* Then, Something, Patricia Fargnoli, Tupelo Press
* Voyeur, Rich Murphy, Gival Press
* Who Stole My Soul, Vishua Prakash, Synergy Books

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* A Beachcomber's Odyssey, S. Deacon Ritterbush, Ritz Dotter Publishers
* A Glove of Their Own, Lisa Funari-Willever, Keri Conkling, & Debbie Moldovan, Franklin Mason Press
* A Road More or Less Traveled: Madcap Adventures Along the Appalachian Trail, Stephen Otis & Colin Roberts, Sunnygold Books
* Blues and Bliss: The Poetry of George Elliot Clarke, Jon Paul Fiorentino (editor), Wilfrid Laurier Press
* Buffaloed, Fairlee Winfield, Booksurge
* Cloisters, Kristin Bock,Tupelo Press
* Corinna A-Maying the Apocalypse, Darcie Dennigan, Fordham University Press
* Dillo: A Baby Armadillos Adventure on Sanibel Island, Kyle L. Miller, Jungle House Publications
* Faces of the Earth, Elizabeth Searls Almy, Wishflower Press
* Forging Paradise, E.A. Rappaport, Owl King Publishing
* Leaving My Found Eden, Ron L. Zheng, literaryroad
* Mindlings: Encounters within Inner Space, Normand R. Bernier, Hats Off Books
* Pursuit of Light, An Extraordinary Journey, Sandy Brewer, Peach Tree House
* Rise of the Fallen, D. Michael Olive, Infinity Publishing
* Rock Me on the Water, Renny Russell, Animist Press
* Semele: A Novel, Philip B. Peringer, iUniverse
* Tai Chi Dynamics, Robert Chuckrow, Ph.D,YMAA Publication Center
* The Art of Everyday Joe Michael K. Corbin, AuthorHouse
* The Baseball Field at Night, Patricia Goedicke, Lost Horse Press
* The Enduring Journey of the USS Chesapeake, Chris Dickon, The History Press
* The Fire and the Light, Glen Craney, Brigid's Fire Press
* The Happy Soul Industry, Steffan Postaer, Inkwater Press
* The Littlest Camel, Judy Lee Aguiar, Turnapaige & Reed Moore
* The Misadventures of Oliver Booth, David Desmond, Greenleaf Book Group
* The Radium Watch Dial Painters, D.S.Butterworth, Lost Horse Press
* The Rose of York: Crown of Destiny, Sandra Worth, End Table Books
* Tough Boy Sonatas, Curtis L. Crisler, Boyds Mills Press
* Tracking the Soul with an Astrology of Consciousness, Joel Landwehr, Ancient Tower Press

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